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Hello and welcome.

   My name is Julia Hyndman and my mission is to live a life in alignment with my values and inspire that for others by providing new pathways to that place of clarity.


   Our current world is full of dissolution and separateness.  I hold the vision of an abundant community full of joy, acceptance, and trust with individuals who are striving towards love, equity, and responsibility. I see us encouraging and celebrating our differences while knowing we all are more alike than we are not. We value rest, hard work, and commitment.


   I have created Tulip Tree Healing Arts Collective as a solution to that problem. Tulip Tree is a community based business providing services and goods intended to inspire, awaken, and enliven. We utilize integrative and holistic modalities as well as the creative arts to generate experiences that restore, repair, and unwind.


   Tulip Tree values Integrity, Authenticity, Responsibility, Curiosity, Courage, Trust, Humility, Compassion, Love, Abundance, and Joy.


Why a Tulip Tree?

   I wanted to pay homage to my home state of Indiana. I also have fond memories admiring tulip trees and their beautifully shaped leaves as a child.


So more about me, Julia. How did I get here?

   Art and artful expression have been a part of my whole life. Through college I experienced some traumatic times accompanied by shame around my expression. I graduated with an art degree and after college I began my self healing journey and a re-awakening. I struggled to make money with art and quickly found massage therapy as a career option. Specifically I found Somatic Thai bodywork and it completely changed my life. I continued living, making mistakes, and learning from them. I completed Thai Bodywork training, got my license in massage therapy, and got certified in reiki. I found the art medicine path and the practice of intuitive painting, it rocked my world. All of these rules that I felt blocked by learning art in a traditional sense melted away. I felt free with my art and like it was a pure expression of my soul. It became a way to process my emotions and allow it to be really spontaneous. It gave way for me to connect with my inner child and bring forth a sense of play.


   Somatic Movement Therapy, Feminine Embodiment, Hula Hoop, and Ecstatic Dance are also key pieces to me finding this sense of freedom and joy in my body, mind, and spirit. I knew that I had to continue sharing all of this magic with others. If it had (and still does!) affected and changed me in such a deep way, maybe it too could help others. Seeing our world and how much struggle is present informed me it is necessary to devote my life to service of myself, the collective, and the overcoming of suffering.

   I’ve received some certifications: Somatic Stress Release Technique, Red Tent Facilitation, Hoop Love Coaching, Empowerment Coaching, and some trauma training.  I’ve studied somatic embodiment, Traditional Thai Medicine, art medicine, leadership and some priestess training. I’ve continued my education with a variety of teachers, mentors, and spiritual teachers - truth be told I wouldn’t be standing here without them. Everything I’ve learned is through them, and anything I teach or do incorrectly is my fault.  Thank you Jill Harman, Ajahn Somanānda, Reusi Bhālacandra, Richard Strozzi, Dr. Scott Lyons, and Sedona Soulfire.


   I appreciate you taking time to listen to my story and hearing about Tulip Tree. I pray parts of it resonate with you. I hope to work with you or see you at one of our events. Sending you copious amounts of love and joy. Cheers friend!

Let’s Work Together

Fort Wayne, Indiana

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