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Friends of Tulip Tree

..we are more then a wellness and creativity center, we are a thriving community!
Europa Threads
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"Funky, upcycled, wearable art." 

-Custom patches

-vintage finds

-wire wrapping

-bath scrubs and salts

Logan Faust

5 Carrot Heart
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I am a painter who loves restoring furniture! I can paint pictures or the walls. I love advocating for art and have experience teaching k-12. I also bake pastries and promote art through Old Crown Coffee.


Cole Marie Metzger

Radiance Performing Arts
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Radiance Performing Arts is a group of fire and LED flow artists based in Charleston, SC that provide premiere entertainment for private events and more! Offering solo acts, ambient entertainment and full troupe choreographed shows, their goal is to captivate their audience and leave them with an experience they'll never forget. Your event is sure to be the hottest and brightest in town with Radiance.

Laura McNair

Ambrosia Orchard & Gallery
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We are a developing orchard that specializes in cider and mead.

We aim to provide a family friendly space for entertainment and gatherings.

Blanca Rosa

Threaded Red
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Threaded Red is a menstrual education and empowerment platform that is devoted to the betterment of the menstrual experience globally. Threaded Red’s focus is at the intersection of ancient practices of sacred menstruation and a grounded, modern understanding of cycle physiology and hormonal balance. Founder, Laura Carmody, trains groups and individuals in red tent facilitation and brings interactive Red Tent spaces to festivals and gatherings.

Laura Foxglove

Ben Caron Press Photo Janis Yue Photographer.jpg
Ben Caron Creates
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Musician, event producer, community facilitator, yoga teacher.

Ben Caron

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CBaum Fine Art

CBaum Fine Art showcases an expressive aesthetic for 2D mediums: carefully balancing between the precision and detailed lines in her drawings and highlighting the vibrancy of color and textures in each of her paintings.

Chelsea Baumgartner

Danielle Belle Fire & Healing
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I am a flow artist using fire, led, and flow props. I also create custom crystal jewelry and read tarot. I teach how to do these things as well!

Danielle Fredrick

Discover Yoga
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Approachable yoga for all. No matter if your age, body type, or ability. We have classes for longevity that you can do your entire life and we have classes to build strength. Come as you are. 


Inclusive. Creative. Approachable.

Chelsea Vona

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DreamingWOKE fearures dream-inspired fine art on canvas, Yupo, paper and ceramics, beaded jewelry and dreamwork consultations and workshops. 

Teresa Vazquez

Emily Croy, Thai Bodywork
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Thai Bodywork is a type of massage that treats and heals the mind, body, and spirit. Booking by appointment at Fusion Yoga, Fort Wayne.

Emily Croy

Emily Rae bridal hair
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I’m a freelance bridal hair stylist here to make you feel your most beautiful on your special day!


Fort Wayne Open Walls
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Fort Wayne Open Walls aims to make public/mural art opportunities available to everyone, no matter their experience, skill, or ability. Our walls include the open walls that are available to the public year-round, as well as larger walls that are used to showcase curated work of both local and regional artists on a rotating basis.


Goodwings Clothier
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A slow fashion maker specializing in women’s activewear. Organic fibers, low-impact and non toxic dyes, and original designs.

Brittany Yahne

Healing Hands Spa & Boutique
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We offer affordable massage, skin care and waxing, along with a unique local boutique with clothes,jewelry, candles, incense, antiques and honey!

Sarah Loshe

Wellness Logo Image.png
Isch Wellness Center
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We are a group of Holistic practitioners specializing in several different modalities.  Our goal is to help people process past traumas and emotions on many levels in order to facilitate real healing.

Chelsey Gilbert

Live Oak Apothecary
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Herbal medicine, herbal school, artistic creations


Melissa's Damn Cards - typewriter logo.png
Melissa's Damn Cards
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Melissa’s Damn Cards are made while swearing in Indiana. Cards and stationery are hand-typed by Melissa, using upcycled materials as a canvas for fucking amazing messages and greetings.

Melissa Norby

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I help guide women back into wholeness with their body, mind, and heart.

Shanyn Emerson

Pure Living with Lisa Morton
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Feng Shui and Holistic Interior Design

Lisa Morton

SACHI sometimes
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'SACHI sometimes' specializes in sickenly sweet customer service while slinging 60s-Y2K vintage with a lower middle class price tag ;).  She truly believes that clothing has no gender and is an advocate for all of us to express our mess thru dress.

Sachiko Janek

Spirit Lawn Care
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Landscaping, lawncare, treework

Justin Schiffli

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The HEDGE was established in 2013 and began as a fine art printshop. We continue to create fine art prints, provide letterpress services, murals, workshops, engraving, calligraphy, and much more.

Julie Wall

The Side Hustle
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Cowboy stuff ~ Mexican artist 
Handmade Southwestern Art *
Unique hand painted skulls *

Olivia Perez

Gladiator Care
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GC is a locally owned business specializing in therapeutic massage aimed at reducing pain from a variety of chronic and acute health conditions. We also offer energy healings to help with deeper rooted conditions that can impact not just the physical body, but the emotional and spiritual bodies as well.

Jeannette Browne

Capriglione Creations, LLC
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Capriglione Creating offers Pottery and Clay Classes in the Fort Wayne area.

Nicole Capriglione

Old Crown
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Coffee is our jam.

Michael Woodruff

Velocity Barbell
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Private Training facility helping design and optimize humans through mindset coaching, strength training and eating to perform. Effort Based Results.

Chelsea McKee

Vibrating Visions
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My name is Veronica Stein and my brand is Vibrating Visions. I am a visual artist with my sol medium in photography. I focus on empowerment sessions with humans to release their trauma through my artistic vision. I also enjoy photographing small business rebrands, destination weddings and movement artists. I pride myself in making everyone who comes in front of my lens feel their full expression of themselves.

Veronica Stein

Amara Gilraine Music
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Solo acoustic folk music

Amara Gilraine

Lauren M. Davis
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Lauren M. Davis is an adjunct professor, writer's workshop instructor, and the author of Women Bones, a poetry collection on women's resilience.

Lauren M. Davis

Summit City Sirens
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We are a inclusive burlesque Troupe.

Charissa O'Quinn

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